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Letter Writing-Personal or Business

In Letters on February 24, 2013 at 4:57 pm


  • Business correspondence
  • Personal correspondence
  • Letters of complaint
  • Letters of persuasion
  • Letter of resignation
  • Letter of introduction
  • Recommendation letter
  • Thank you letter
  • Apology letter
  • Condolence letter

Letter writing can be an art form and a source of great pleasure for those so inclined. For those not so inclined letter writing can be a form of slow torture. Let someone with a passion for the written word help you express your needs. Hire me, Your Freelance Writer, today!

Love letters are one form of letter writing that I do not have on my list of services. I strongly believe that a person’s expression of love should come from the heart. Their own heart. The recipient of that love letter will appreciate the sentiments all the more if they are truly your own words. Spelling, grammar and rambling thoughts will not matter as long as the words are personal and sincere; not “store bought”.

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Affordable, Successful Business Plan

In Business Plan on February 23, 2013 at 4:43 pm

business planA successful business plan is a must for a new or existing business. Most entrepreneurs find this necessary evil beyond their abilities. While they may be brilliant strategists with insightful vision, the thought of writing a business plan stops them dead in their tracks.

Is the required business plan keeping you from your start up dreams? As an entrepreneur myself,  having owned several different types of businesses (including a retail franchise), I know firsthand the importance and the difficulty of writing a business plan.

My specialty is custom, affordable business plans for the new entrepreneur. Your needs as a small business owner are unique. You don’t need, and likely cannot afford, the over written, over priced, corporate type business plan.

In as few as 15-20 pages I will create a custom business plan for you that is ready to present to loan officers or other financial partners.  And yes, this includes all required financial reports using the SBA preferred format.

Email me at  with your basic idea and needs and I will send you a preliminary quote.  (Copy/paste the email address in your browser if not automatically re-directed.)    Basic rates start at $650.

Web Content, Blog Posts, Press Release

In Blog Posts, Essay, Letters, Press Release, Web Content on February 23, 2013 at 4:04 pm

web content copy writer


  • Is your website attracting customers and driving sales through the roof?
  • Is your website content concise and powerfully written?
  • Does your website content drive customers to take immediate action?
  • Is your website content just ho-hum or boring?
  • Is your website optimized for search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc)?

Your Freelance Writer (that’s me) can turn a boring, unsuccessful website into an interesting, revenue generating site.

Contact me for fast, reliable, accurate, affordable content writing: .


Do you need help pumping up your blog? Let me take on the task of adding fresh blog posts. You need interesting, engaging content to draw readers. If you plan to monetize your blog it is crucial that you grow your audience. Constantly adding new blog posts is extremely time consuming, but necessary. Hire me to do this for you!


Almost all businesses, new or existing, large or small , can use the powerful impact of a well written and timed press release.

The press release I wrote for my children’s retail shop was picked up by several newspapers, including the Chicago Sun Times. All six newspapers that responded wrote a half page to full page story complete with color photographs. Even a television station contacted me wanting to do a story on the franchise.

The press release was directly responsible for a huge upswing in new customers!

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Resume and Cover Letter by a Hiring Professional

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resume writer (2)


If you have been out of work for a while you cannot afford to pay outrageous fees for a professionally written resume. But, neither can you afford to submit a poorly written resume when the competition is so fierce.

Your resume must capture the interest of hiring professionals and set you apart from the other applicants. Having your resume written by a hiring professional will give you the leg up on the competition.


Never underestimate the importance of a cover letter when job hunting. The cover letter may well be  your foot in the door and the catalyst to securing an interview.

The cover letter must be customized for each position. And it must be powerful in order to stand out!

I have an extensive background in human resource management and know exactly what the hiring professionals are looking for.  I will construct a strong resume and powerful cover letter that will help you get the coveted interview.

Current resume updated: $59

Creating a new resume: $99

Cover Letter $49

Resume and Cover Letter: $129