Thank you for your interest.  My passion is writing. My forte is business development. My background includes a strong history in Human Resource Management. And I want to be YOUR freelance writer.

Writing is as natural as breathing for me. But I understand that for most people writing is very difficult. I have always been the go-to person when friends, family or work collegues needed help with a writing project. While they agonized over their task, I was able to whip up the finished product quickly and accurately.

I wrote a small business article for the Chicago Tribune during a quick 30 minute lunch break. It was printed without need for editing. And the entire content of this website was written in less than 3 hours.

As a former franchise owner and serial entrepreneur, I understand the needs of the small business owner as well as the job hunter. My background is diversified which allows me to serve your needs with full confidence and strong skills.

If you are in need of a skilled writer you have come to the right place! Let me help you succeed by being your voice via the written word.

If you are looking for a business blog writer please click the link for more info.

I have authored the following how-to manuals:

You Can Write Your Own Successful Business Plan

Striking Resumes Designed to Impress

One Stop Business Startup Kit


Satisfied Clients:

“…I’m thankful for your patien[ce] and professionalism…. I want to thank you for your suggestion. Your advice is very helpful and made me look at the situation from a different perspective.”

Jacqueline(complaint letter client)


“Wow you are fast- and very good. Great article- thank you Sylvia!”

Kristen (Owner, marketing communications company)


Dear Sylvia:

I am the editor of Opportunity World and Money ‘N Profits magazines. I have been impressed with your contributions to Small Business Forum (which my parent company – Business Leader Media – owns). I am particularly impressed with your insights regarding writing business plans. I was wondering if you would be interested in writing for our guides. The one I think you would be most interested in is our guide to “Writing a Business Plan and Market Analysis.”

Joan P. (Editor, Opportunity World)



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