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web content copy writer


  • Is your website attracting customers and driving sales through the roof?
  • Is your website content concise and powerfully written?
  • Does your website content drive customers to take immediate action?
  • Is your website content just ho-hum or boring?
  • Is your website optimized for search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc)?

Your Freelance Writer (that’s me) can turn a boring, unsuccessful website into an interesting, revenue generating site.

Contact me for fast, reliable, accurate, affordable content writing: .


Do you need help pumping up your blog? Let me take on the task of adding fresh blog posts. You need interesting, engaging content to draw readers. If you plan to monetize your blog it is crucial that you grow your audience. Constantly adding new blog posts is extremely time consuming, but necessary. Hire me to do this for you!


Almost all businesses, new or existing, large or small , can use the powerful impact of a well written and timed press release.

The press release I wrote for my children’s retail shop was picked up by several newspapers, including the Chicago Sun Times. All six newspapers that responded wrote a half page to full page story complete with color photographs. Even a television station contacted me wanting to do a story on the franchise.

The press release was directly responsible for a huge upswing in new customers!

Email me at  for more information.






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