Affordable Business Plan

businessplanA successful business plan is a must for a new or existing business. Most entrepreneurs find this necessary evil beyond their abilities. While they may be brilliant strategists with insightful vision, the thought of writing a business plan stops them dead in their tracks.

Is the required business plan keeping you from your start up dreams? As an entrepreneur myself,  having owned several different types of businesses (including a retail franchise), I know firsthand the importance and the difficulty of writing a business plan.

New business owners cannot afford, and don’t need, the typical $2000, mega watt, over written corportate type business plan.

Now you have a more, affordable options. Please visit my .com site for step-by-step guidance on writing your own business plan. business plan for small businessI have been in your shoes, I understand that an entrepreneur, especially in today’s economic climate, is usually short on funds.

Loan officers have praised my business plans because they are concise,  complete and utilize the SBA preferred format. As your Business Plan Mentor I can show you how to write your own business plan in as few as 15-20 pages.  And yes, it will be ready to present to loan officers or other financial partners.

I had previously offered affordable business plan writing services but the cost was still prohibitive for most entrepreneurs. So I decided to empower you to learn how to write a business plan here. Don’t let your fear of the business plan keep you from your start up dreams. It is entirely doable!


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