Is your website content moving customers to take action? Have your sales increased dramatically as a result of your website content? No? Then it’s time to make a change! Contact me, Your Freelance Writer, to freshen up or completely rewrite your website content. As a writer with a solid business background (I am a former retail store owner) I know what it takes to capture your customer’s attention. In the example above, this business landed a huge, new account within weeks of the website going live.

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This press release was sent to 2 local newspapers and 1 online submission site. It was picked up by at least 6 other newspapers, including the Chicago Sun Times, and a television station. Numerous 1/2 and full page articles were printed. This tremendous publicity resulted in a huge upswing in new customers!

Press Release Example



These are examples of my articles that  have been published in numerous websites and blogs:

 Published in Mature Resources: “Baby Boomers Hot Business Startups” [Open in new window]

“How to Finance your Small Business Startup” Article Example 2

Published in the Chicago Tribune in the business section:


BLOG post examples:

Managing Stakeholder Expectations

Successful Project Manager-Born or Bred?

Nurses,CNA’s and Work Comp Claims

The Shocking Truth About Grants



Email me at  to initiate work or if you have any questions.

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